Tuesday 21 June 2016

Jackie Ran

With the exception of Pea, Pod and Cosmos, one large problem that we have with our wild rabbits is the fact that they hide away all day and it is hard to tell how much they eat or how much they venture out at all. When Aragon and Jackie had a stint in a Rabbitopia, she spent most of her time hiding at the very top out of sight. After the death of Minty and relocation of her widower Eccles, a unit with a grass area became available and I thought they might be interested in trying it.

Aragon surprised me and ventured around with great happiness at the first opportunity. Jackie surprised me more, as I never expected to see her as I never did with Minty. From the looks of things, she didn't expect to see me either.

It was nice however that being caught in the act didn't put her off on this occasion, despite several mad dashes back into her house. I'm glad she got some time out on the grass, just as a wild rabbit should. I even caught her doing a little binky.

"But what does that woman even want?!"
"Oh, don't mind her, you get used to the nuisance eventually..."


  1. Technically, Aragon and Jackie are wild-cross rabbits, though Jackie especially doesn't *look* cross!

    1. BHV, I think she looks cross. We know that your beloved bunny pals, past and present, put the second "s" in cross, but really, Jackie is doing her best.

    2. I was just going to ask about a lion head wild rabbit. Then opened the messages.

  2. Because of our set up (with electric fencing, sheer 8 ft fence, etc etc) we let our wildies out at night and they love it - They can get back in their fox proof run if they want - and are usually back in by the time we come out to give breakfasts out.