Friday 3 June 2016

Not Gonna Stop

Most of our special needs rabbits at the Rescue right now involve dental problems such as lack of teeth, digestive issues, being EC Positive, or various other little chronic ailments that can be cared for with medicines. Only a few rabbits currently are physically disabled, notibly Hoppy's wild legs and Honour's contorted head and neurological damage.

Our newest rabbit to the world of the physically challenged is Aoura, who was on the cusp of being rehomed when she was suddenly found in her accommodation paralysed in her back legs. Amazingly, she didn't seem bothered by this, racing around on two legs at speed and, once confined for her own good, ate readily, rattled the bars and had a fight with the vet bed. An emergency trip to the vets showed not a spinal injury as we had suspected, but the onset of spondylosis, an incurable condition of the vertebrae that was probably aggravated by a fall or bad landing.

This now means that she's been moved to her own special needs house with her son Mr Tickles, put on hefty painkillers and prevented from doing anything daft. Unfortunately, being daft includes ending her ramble around in the grass area by running headfirst into a 6cm gap between buildings with such enthusiasm that it took some careful extraction to pull her back out. The biggest problem appears to be that Aoura doesn't care and thinks she can simply do what she's always done which is not a bad mindset for a rabbit to have but is certainly not doing her any good!

So, Aoura, are you going to be sensible and take it easy for a while?



  1. She promises to be as sensible as any other rabbit, I'm sure.

  2. That's right, just a little bit of sensibleness. That's all that is wanted, and clearly, she has as little as any bunny I've ever known. Seriously, Aoura, please have mercy on your kindly caretakers.