Sunday 17 March 2013

Eccels Take

I rarely find it difficult to take decent pictures of any particular bunny these days.  I know all their tricks and have a few of my own.  So when there is a bunny who out-tricks me and just refuses to stand still for a good picture, it can be very challenging.

Take Eccels.  He's been with us for a while now but not a single good picture have I managed to take.  In his house, out of his house, doesn't make a difference, he shifts and darts around looking uncomfortable the moment he sees the camera, refusing to play ball.

So yesterday as I lifted him onto a nearby hutch for yet another attempt, I decided, before I took my hand away, to get one pic where he was at least standing still.  After another quick photo shoot I checked the pictures and lo and behold, the only half-decent one was the first one.  Should I assume from this that all he really needs is a good cuddle??!

"Who do you think I am, Justin Bieber?  Get that camera away from me, fool!"


  1. Cuddles are good! calms them down,xx Speedy's mum

  2. he may not like his photo being taken but he's very photogenic....gorgeous boy.

  3. He is a cutie patootie. I would totally adopt him. I would totally adopt them all.