Sunday 31 March 2013

Make mine hay!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Yesterday we held an educational event at Cineworld in Cambridge as part of their kids club. In preparation, I attempted to to create a series of child friendly posters about key bunny welfare points: e.g. pellets are better than mix, bunnies don't really like cuddles, rabbits need space, rabbits need a friend, and so on. I think next time I should get Gary to do them based on his bunny basics theme and photos from this week, as my posters are rather more basic....

Anyway, for one of the posters I wanted a photo of a bunny with a blob of hay the same size, to illustrate the point about how much a bunny should eat each day. I thought little Cora might be the best at posing out of the bunnies in my garden. I was wrong. Cheeky Mr Clarence was actually more helpful.

"You want me to eat the hay now? I thought letting us out was usually a sign you want us to mow the lawn for you." 

"And it's only polite that I wash my paws before dinner"

"Hay, for me? Don't mind if I do!"

We hope all you hoomans will be enjoying lots of chocolate today, whilst your Easter bunnehs enjoy lots of hay.


  1. Happy Hoppy Easter to you too!xx Speedy and Mum

  2. Oh such pretteh bunneh babbehs!!!

  3. I think it's awesome you did some bunny awareness this time of year! Thank you for that!