Thursday 14 March 2013


"Well come on then, get to it!"


  1. For anyone wondering why I chose an unusually out-of-focus picture for this mornings blog, this one I liked because it brings a tear of joy to my eyes.
    You see, those bunnies are two of five wild-cross buns we took in last year, the result of an escaped un-spayed doe getting it on with a neighbourhood wildbun. Other rescues didn't want to take them because they were "unfriendly and difficult to home". We have heard of other centres taking wild-cross rabbits then putting them to sleep because of this. But here we have a family group living happily together. Whilst all were scared, acted "wild" and hid away from us when they arrived, four of the five now meet me at the gate to their enclosure in the morning eagerly awaiting breakfast. (And I'm working on the fifth.) They are a joy to have at the Rescue.
    So there you go. Every time I look into those endearing eyes, I can't help but feel happy that we have made a difference and given them a chance to live and enjoy their lives. And carrots.

    1. ...and here I was thinking you were just being artistic :)
      I loved everything about the picture before I even read your explanation. Now I love it even more.

  2. They are beautiful. Someone once told me that every life has value. I think that is especially true for rabbits.