Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bubble and Jemima

It is a very upsetting day for me today.

Firstly, I am very sad to report that Bubble passed away this week. Despite outwardly appearing lively and healthy of late, Caroline found her suffering from breathing problems on Monday evening. She quickly went downhill and died later that night.

Bubble was 7 years old and a wonderful character. With her partner Benson she was a source of great joy at the Rescue, regularly making me laugh out loud with their crazy breakfast antics. She will be missed. Binky free, sweet girl.

The other reason it is a very emotional day for me is that around 9.35am it will be one year since Jemima left for the bridge, her life brought to an end several months before her 7th birthday by a rapidly-growing tumour in her chest.

I had hoped to write a longer piece today, about how she was my deeply loved, beautiful, chubby little girl, my friend, the reason my clothes have big chompy holes in and the reason I stopped hating cold mornings (you can't hate going outside when it means seeing that wonderful and excited face come racing towards you eager for breakfast!). But even a year on I'm breaking apart just writing this much, it hurts so much remembering how much pain I saw in her those last few hours and then seeing the life fade from her eyes as she looked up at me from the vets table in her final moments.

Jemima, my beautiful velvet girl, I miss you so much.


  1. Binky free bubble

  2. We are so sorry. Bubble looks like some wise eyed elephant touching. Jemima loved you and you loved her, what could be more precious? These bonds are so remarkable and I believe enduring, and when I say enduring, I mean enduring. You did her a great kindness by being with in her last moments on this earth. You were there when she lifted her head for a last look. I wonder how many of us will be so blessed. Remember how much that meant to her, but let the rest flow away. You might want to be working on how you are going to explain to her that you named her after a puddle duck and called her porky on your blog. I am sure she will be VERY interested in what you have to say for yourself when you meet again.

  3. You surround your bunnies with love, B-HV. Jemima will have felt nurtured and special right up to the end.
    Binky free little ones.

  4. So sorry to hear about Bubble, Benson & Bubble were 2 buns we would have liked to have adopted. We feel your pain as we have lost 3 buns in 11 months and the pain does not go away. We have hope to see them on the New Earth. Know that we are bunny lovers united. Jennifer and Lance

  5. *Hugs*
    I'm so sorry. I think we have all been there, and it sucks. I really do believe that somehow we will see those bunny souls we have lost in this life again.

  6. Hugs and kisses from us both,it breaks my heart every time I hear another passing,xx Rachel and Speedy