Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Meet Bobbit

Bobbit had a somewhat sad start to life. He arrived at the Rescue July 2011 in a bit of a state, having had his nose and boy-bits torn apart in fights. But at the Rescue, with regular washing to keep his fur and skin clean, he was soon looking better and living a relatively normal bunny life. Being a brown bunny who needed a little extra care, he was unlikely to find a home quickly, so in December of the same year Caroline bonded him with Sheba, a sweet and beautiful young girl. Although they mostly kept out of the way of the volunteers, the two of them lived happily together until October of last year, when very sadly Sheba suddenly passed away without warning. This being around the same time we lost Duncan, Caroline decided that Bobbit and Duncan's special partner Anouska would be perfect together, and so they became a couple.

Anouska and Bobbit have been with me as foster bunnies for a little over 4 weeks now. From day one, Anouska has been bold, inquisitive, energetic and appreciative of attention. And snacks, she loves her snacks. Bobbit when he arrived would just hide. Or, once he'd settled in and if he was feeling bold, would sit on the opposite side of the room and glare. This went on for the first few weeks. Hiding, glaring, hiding, glaring. I did wonder if he would ever learn to trust me properly.

Well things have since gradually improved, to the point where as of this week he will be at the food bowl waiting for breakfast and dinner when it arrives. I have even, on two occasions, managed to briefly stroke his nose, though on one of those occasions I did kind of ruin it by giggling with excitement.

Anyway, this increased confidence and predictability has meant that finally I have been able to capture him in photo's. So here you go:- Meet my foster boy Bobbit!

"'re NOT here to deliver food?"

"Well OK - how much of this rug do I need to eat to convince you that it IS dinner time?"

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  1. I was wondering who Anouska's illusive husbun was - how wonderful to finally get him on photo - you have clearly done a great job with him, he seems relaxed. How cute is he? :) Jennifer