Saturday 8 March 2014

Vegetable Liberation

"A human approaches
He holds snacks a plenty,
In seconds he'll leave
With a bucket that's empty.
We'll trip him and take
All the food we we can eat,
We'll scoff it before
He gets back on his feet.
Then tonight when it's dinner
All sweetness and light,
Be the cutest buns ever
He'll squee with delight.
Appear to him gentle
His small fluffy friends,
All prepped for tomorrow
When we do it all again!"


  1. Great BunPoem!

    Who is the bun in the photo?

    1. This is Jessie, former partner of Angus (before he passed away), now partnered with Srappy (who is quite shy). The subject of the photo is almost always in the label of the post, unless they don't have a name at the time of posting (or I don't know it yet!). However, I've noticed the labels don't show up on the mobile version of this site so if you didn't see it that might be why!

    2. Sorry, partner of Scrappy, not "Srappy"!!