Wednesday 12 March 2014

Former Foster Flaunts Fabulous Fifties Furstyle

I could swear that every time I see BC he has groomed his fur into a completely different style. Maybe it's my fault starting him off the way I did, but he's not even a year old and he's had more different looks than me! And I'm...somewhat older than 1.

"Jealous much?"

Yes BC, I am. I am also half expecting to one day see you pass me on the motorway heading down to Brighton wearing a faux-leather jacket with Montana on the back of your tiny motorbike and OMG HOW CUTE WOULD THAT LOOK???!!!!!


  1. No wait - that should be:
    Former Foster FLOOF Flaunts Fabulous Fifties Furstyle

  2. BC, just remember to turn up the collar and wear sunglasses.

  3. And with "Rabbits Rock" in studs on the back of your faux-leather jacket.

  4. I am not going to give this little cutie up for Lent even though I suppose jeering at me about whether I am jealous or not probably comes under the heading of a near occasion of sin being that of course I am sooooo jealous.