Wednesday 28 October 2015

Big Things in Small Packages

One rabbit who was a big hit with me as soon as I saw her was little Skyla, a six year old doe who came in recently. My first introduction was finding her in the reception barn and shoving my arm in with her to give her a fuss, which she enjoyed, and then being treated to a somewhat shocked double-take from Caroline when she walked past.

The reason for this was eventually relayed to me- poor little Skyla had been living in a tiny hutch all her life and on the rare occasions she had been allowed to free range the garden, the owner's method of getting her back in was to set the family dog on her. It is somewhat understandable then that upon being given up, Skyla's response to her rescuer's loving embrace was to give a battle cry and decide that one sleeve would benefit from added ventilation. The words “fear aggressive” on her new-arrivals sign should have been a give-away but for my distraction at the sight of her, as I am a major sucker for Netherland Dwarfs.

We seem to have an understanding though, she and I... I often give her headrubs with immunity and can pick her up with no issues. She's certainly a little lady who knows her own mind though!

Every time you go past you call me “Skyla-Pants” … Really, do I look like I'm wearing clothes to you?!”

Sorry Skyla... I'll try to stop the silly names... but I'm afraid the squeeing is going nowhere.


  1. Don't worry you are not the only one who is a sucker for ND's. I want her to -she is gorgeous. Glad she is out of that place and in a happy home with you guys. Hopefully your love will give her some peace.

  2. I'm a sucker for NDs too, the despotic little Napoleans.

    She's adorables.. but certainly looks like she rules with an iron paw. "Head rubs, STAT!"