Thursday 15 October 2015

The Black Widow

One thing at the Rescue that we are in a constant attempt to do is pair up our long term singles, something that can be very easy or can be an outright disaster- after all, many of these long term singles are singles for a reason, for example their lack of social skills, previous trauma or from thinking they are the Bunny God's gift to rabbit-kind and their prospective suitor not sharing their opinion.

Alternatively, some of the singles have lost their partners and require a new friend. One such bunny is Mars, who alas has already outlived three partners during her time here- Dexter, Kirk and poor disabled Houdini, who was a favourite at the rescue.

Although I must have known her from years as a volunteer, I only really started to notice Mars when I got employed and had to do the breakfast rounds on weekdays, but usually all I saw was a black nose poking out of the bedroom waiting patiently for me to leave.

It is therefore with some delight that Mars consented to a match with Megacolon Syndrome rabbit Bailey B and her behaviour has changed dramatically. She is now seen outside of her house and eats breakfast in full view, which I hope will be a state of affairs that will continue as she gains confidence.

Watching all the snuggling is good for the soul too...