Thursday 22 October 2015

That Orangey Taste

"Yeah, it looks sore, but I think your bigger problem is that Samosa has been going around telling all the other bunnies your fingers taste of carrots."


  1. Naughty Samosa. Valentine is so gorgeous

  2. We know you stuck your finger in Sam's mouth, and she still hasn't been tagged. Some people do bleed orange, but typically, they have attended the University of Texas. (Old Saying: "If bunnies aren't UT fans, why are carrots orange?") Now, back to Sam and her activities. She is known for being a deep thinker. It is clear to me that she is organizing a vast study, enlisting her study participants. Your job is to once again shove your finger into the poor, innocent bunns' mouths, they will then report back to Sam about the taste of the finger you have forced upon them. We all await the publication of this game changing research.

  3. Gray Feather, has just told me that I should have been using "alleged" in all my references to Sam. So, we all know that Sam is the alleged bunny into whose mouth you shoved your finger.