Saturday 9 July 2016

Begging For Trouble

About a week ago I received a message from our fundraising team asking for help. They wanted to run a campaign this week to try and generate more donations and they wanted me to come up with a poster or something they could use to promote it.

Incidentally, the main reason we need more donations at the moment is because Archimedes' foot surgeries and subsequent care have helped push our outstanding vet bill to... well I don't have the latest figure, but it's a big number. In fact, think of a big got one? OK, well it's probably more than that. It is quite a few thousands. And then a few more.

Well anyway, I could only think of one idea in the short space of time they gave me. My idea was a photograph of Archimedes behind an upturned hat next to sign asking for donations, along with some text that would say something like:

"Archimedes is taking the direct approach to try and raise donations to pay off his foot surgery. If you have a better way to help (sponsored walk, bake sale...) please get in touch!"
I mean that, but, you know, better.

And it sort of came out OK. You can see this photo on our Twitter and Facebook pages. But when I took it, Archimedes looked a little too grumpy and it was the only near-useable shot I'd gotten so I thought I'd better try drafting in help from some other bunnies too.

I tried a couple of different ways of encouraging the bunnies onto the blanket for the photo. Many involved treats of course. The most successful way to get natural looking shots was to put the blanket on the floor near their house, put some pellets behind the hat and just let them out. Sooner or later they'd wander over and just stand there right in the correct spot chomping away. I tried a few bunnies, it was going really well, and then I tried tiny Tibby. She raced over, pooed all over the blanket, scoffed all the snacks in one go and topped it off by doing a massive wee, ruining any chance of using the blanket again. Basically, typical Tibby (and yes, I should have known better).

"Really? You didn't like that? Well in that case, I think you're going to like what I did in your hat even less."

So that was that.

Oh and by the way, if as you were reading this you've thought of a way you yourself can help us to raise money, please contact us via our website or Facebook page, we really would love to hear from you. As always we also accept direct one-off donations too as well as our monthly sponsorship scheme where people can sponsor dear little permanent bunnies like Tibby, so do please point your friends in our direction if you encounter any looking to help a good cause!

Thank you everyone!


  1. I do donate to the Archimedes is a poor starving bunny fund when I can. Right now it's I have to remember to update my PayPal info and keep forgetting to do it.

    Occasionally it's a donate to the poor Archimedes needs a new wheelbarrow fund.

  2. Oh, I want to sponsor Tibby, a true kindred spirit, my kind of bunn. Sorry for delay. Money will appear soon.