Friday 8 June 2012

And It's Raining...

Well, the weather in the UK has gone a bit stormy. Rain, high winds, bits of trees falling out of the sky. Been a bit rubbish all week, so no new photo's to show you, unless you want to see pictures of Whisky looking bored of being stuck inside.

So I thought "Time to hit the rainy day file!". Then I thought "I should really have a rainy day file!". I started looking back through old photo's for inspiration, which is always joyful and sad in equal measures, seeing all the bunnies who have passed through the Rescue over the last 4 years or so. But I was glad I did because I found the photo below. In a week when I have been considering how far to push Whisky into finding a new friend it's good to be reminded how happy he was when he had one, even if it does remind me how much I miss my little angel.

Megan and Whisky, 22nd November 2008


  1. Aaahh, bless.... what a delightful photo. A picture of absolute contentment.
    I will keep everything crossed you can find dear Whisky another friend.

  2. aawww it is lovely,so happy together I know that a new friend will be found for that cutie pie Whiskey

  3. whiskey will get a new friend then there will be more happy photos like this one

  4. Awwwww, such a sweet picture of bunneh love. A rainy day treasure, indeed.