Tuesday 19 June 2012

Oh Poo!

Here's a little tip for anyone thinking of having multiple sets of bunnies using the same room in their house but at different times of the day.


For yesterday I discovered that a far-from-insignificant territorial poo battle had been going on behind the sofas for several days without my knowledge.

A bunny parents job of cleaning up after their little ones is never done. You think you've got to the end, but when you turn around you realise some bun's been following behind you making it all messy again. So thanks guys, it's not like I wanted an early night or anything![huge-sigh]


  1. right with you there...when I eventually moved my sofa not only were there piles of poos but half the skirting board had been chewed. Don't you just love 'em!!

  2. I so understand. I think the bunnies love it when I clean the common areas, they have a clean slate to mark it again. I just keep telling myself, better lots of poo then no poo at all :)

  3. I guess I must be a very clean bunny because I only go in my litter tray in the kitchen

  4. my bun stopped leaving a poo trail everywhere after she was spayed. It wasn't an out come I expected but my roommates certainly enjoy the couches being poo free