Monday 18 June 2012

Earth, Wind and Fur

The sun came out at the Rescue and so did my camera. I thought we were in for a good productive day of photographs in the great light, but the sun brought with it strong winds and a whole load of new problems.

It turns out that windy bunny are hard to get good pictures of. For a start, their fur is in constant motion which puts them immediately into a strange blurry haze and then because they don't like it they lie down flat with their eyes closed. Here's one of the better pictures I got of Russell.

Notice the whiskers! If you do manage to persuade them to stand up and face the wind, you end up with some of the craziest expressions you have ever seen on a bunny. I mean, I could put this picture of Delta on our website for people who might want to adopt her and husbun Scamper, but who's going to want a bunny that looks like a deranged, and probably possessed, seal?


  1. But she has such a cute Mona Lisa smile I reckon people will be queueing up to adopt her and her husbun.

  2. but she is so cute whats not to love,shows she has personality,russell look dashing too

  3. Russell greatly disapproves of the disturbance of his whiskers. He is a mighty handsome bunneh.

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