Thursday 21 June 2012

Poo Wars : The Bunpoo Strikes Back

  • Monday 11.00pm - cleaned up the fallout from Poo Wars
  • Tuesday 6.30am - posted about it on the blog
  • Tuesday 7.01am - discovered that all the poo was back
  • Tuesday 7.05am - all bunnies banned from the lounge until further notice
  • Wednesday 9.35pm - Jemima sneaks into the house unnoticed to claim the lounge rug for the second time this year.
  • Wednesday 9.37pm - Jemima banned from the house, Whisky confined to his room.

That is the week so far. I feel the appropriate picture for today would have been the poo-covered lounge, but who wants to look at that??!! So here's Whisky passing the time in his room with a little light grazing.



  1. bunny's mischief makers but love whiskey.don't for get to enter speedy's prize draw!

  2. After a while living with poo in the sittingroom/kitchen/hallway beomes quite normal. Wonder why I haven't had any visitors recently?!
    Whisky is such an adorable little fellow...

  3. Of course you know that if you gave them the lounge rug, there wouldn't be a poop in sight. It's never the having with rabbits, it's always the getting.

    Also, Whisky pics are always a welcome sight.

  4. I keep telling non-bunny people that there is nothing offensive about bunny poos... they're just little balls of grass... somehow I don't think they share my affection for them ...