Saturday 30 June 2012

Unfriendly Aroma

A big thanks to Vicki for taking over the blog this week! I really enjoyed reading about her bunnies and seeing those snuggly pictures of little Cora, one of my favourites of all the long term bunnies on our books.

While Vicki has been blogging, I've had a very tiring week. I hope to tell you about it in the next few days, but today I wanted to share something I was reminded of this afternoon. For having used a different deodorant on myself just before heading out into the garden, Jemima and Elvis decided to demonstrate how much bunnies rely on smell to identify others by tearing off in the other direction. Oops.

It is me really guys! Guys?

"Oh. It is you. Where did you find that fragrance? The bargain bin? Or just the bin..."


  1. Oh, the pain of the disapproval--it's strong enough to make a stink of its own. ;)

  2. oh dear they can be a bit picky about these things

  3. those goregeous little twitchy noses must have gone into overdrive!

  4. disapproving rabbit eye roll, but a beautiful black rexie (to which I am partial)