Saturday 12 January 2013

It's food - don't let go!

I find that some bunnies are perfectly happy to eat veg that I'm holding and don't mind that there's a human on the other end hoping to stroke them whilst they're distracted. Others seem to prefer not to eat anything that we've got hold of for fear we'll take it away again (or stroke them when they'd rather just eat in peace!).

Cora is somewhere in between. Sometimes happy to eat from my hand, but often pretty determined to get that food in her mouth asap and make sure it's all hers. She also has a tendency to mistake hands for food...

The other day I was putting in their food and as always she was eagerly waiting and nuzzling at my hand and went in for a bite of food - but instead got her teeth round the flesh between my thumb and index finger and proceeded to tug as if she was trying to drag away a juicy leaf of greens that I would not let go of. Ouch. Surprisingly painful. I'm afraid to say a few expletives escaped my lips whilst I tried to work out how to remove her cute little face from my hand with minimal damage to both of us. She soon let go when she realised her fuzzy friend, Clarence, had found the real food. At which point I immediately apologised aloud to her and any neighbours who might have overheard my profanities. Dear little Cora's cute little ears were not designed to hear such things.

Needless to say, I did not capture the incident on camera, but here's a couple of pics of them enjoying the grass.


  1. One of my bunnies is always VERY eager for food and has grabbed hold of my finger on more that one occasion, thinking it's a yummy carrot. It sure hurts!

  2. owie. but they sure are a cute couple. I love the dutchies. And as well you should apologize, and not just for the profanity, but for not being a tasty bit of veg! How dare you offer your hand. It must have tasted awful.

  3. My fingers have been mistaken for dried papaya. Several times. It hurts.