Monday 7 January 2013

Mum in a Bucket

Spangle and Sprat's mum Camilla was returned to us a while back along with her partner Zeus. Unlike her offspring, who apparently inherited their badly aligned incisors from their father, Camilla has no trouble with eating. No trouble at all.

"If I can choose, I think I'll take this big plastic food bowl over my small ceramic one, thanks!"


  1. I love a bun with a good appetite!

  2. I hate when people give the promise of a happy forever home, then RETURN the animal(s) to the shelter. At least you at the shelter know they are safe and in a good place when they are with you.

    1. I don't remember under what circumstances Camilla was returned (Caroline would have dealt with her coming back in). However, where there has been an unplanned change in circumstances, such as debilitating illness or losing job/house, you can't always blame the owners for feeling that giving up their rabbits is best for the rabbits. Sometimes owners are in floods of tears as they hand over their babies, wishing they could find a way not to be separated. Bunnies returned to us are at least USUALLY from people who have carefully considered the responsibilities before taking them on, unlike the "I bought this for my kid from a pet shop, he's bored with it so now you need to take it off my hands" types. Still very sad for the rabbits though, that they have probably bonded with the family and enjoyed pampering and attention only to have that taken away again. Fortunately we love them all like family, even if it is a huge one!