Sunday 27 January 2013

Snow Go

The rains came last night and washed away the snow. This was a great relief as the snow was icky and cold and making everything hard work. The higher temperatures that came with the rain are great too because they mean no more frozen water! Yippee!

It's not just us humans that are thankful for the warmer weather. All the bunnies that hid themselves away yesterday were out with bounces in their steps this afternoon, including Goofy who we hadn't seen venture out of the deep warren in their run for over a week.

I have to admit there was just one thing I did like about the snow. I don't now why, but there's something all the more pleasing about seeing excited bunnies racing towards you when they are bounding thru the white scenery like Potato here (followed closely by Dasher)!

"OMG, OMG, OMG..."

"...don't go away we're-a-comin'..."

"...oooo, them is some tasty snacks!"


  1. Nothing like a bunch of greens for warming a bun up in the snow.

  2. Romping in the snow looks like fun!!:)

  3. You got some great shots there! Beautiful babies, I just love seeing happy bunnies!

    1. Thanks! I actually had about three attempts to get these pics - for some reason my camera didn't want to focus (maybe it didn't like the cold!), but Potato and Dasher would race over to me every time on cue for another piece of parsley, they were so sweet and excited!

  4. Thats because they thought it was one big fun game,bunnies love to play