Friday, 11 January 2013

Where'd That Logo Nose Go?

I discovered recently, in fact when Vicki posted that great picture on one of her blog posts, that somehow Starburst and Austin have hardly featured on this blog. I couldn't figure out how that happened at first - they are the super friendly bunnies in our logo for a start, surely they should be cropping up regularly in my photo's?

Then I realised. Whenever I'm around them, they usually have me too occupied to remember the camera.

"Have you come to rub my nose? You may now begin!"


  1. That loppy floppy baby is begging for a smooch!!!

  2. such a wonderful rabbit, always loves the company :)

  3. so cute! love the bunny mouf. I will certainly rub your nose

  4. WAH! That is such a cute, beautiful bunny! Can I have it??? :)