Wednesday 15 January 2014

No-Post Wednesday

No proper post today as we are having a difficult week at home. Whisky had surgery yesterday to remove his ear abscess and re-model his ear canal. It was quite a serious surgery, though knowing he was going under anaesthetic was itself enough to put me into anxiety-fuelled meltdown mode. I've been feeling sick with worry since the vet visit Friday when we booked it, which in case anyone wondered was why you got such a heart-felt extra Whisky post on Saturday.

Whisky is still understandably miserable so there will be no posing for photo's for a while. He is at least relatively pleased to be back in his room after spending the night at the vets - he did an almost-excited (slightly groggy) happy-lap of his domain before flaking out. Between the pain and the medication, his usually un-ending appetite has disappeared, but hopefully being in a familiar place will help him bounce back quicker. I will try and post an update when I can, but please forgive me if we have a few days away from the blog over the coming weeks!


  1. I have everything crossed for a speedy recovery for dear Whisky; lots and lots of best wishes to both of you x

  2. Oh, my Sweetest Jesus, PLEASE take care of our Whiskey and make him pain-free and all better SOON!!! Give BHV some peace, and a good night's sleep. On second thought, please make Whiskey pain-free NOW, and please give him an appetite so his tummy is well. Creator of all good things, and all sweet little bunnies, grant this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.
    Holy Mother of God, intercede for our goofy, silly, snarky, and super sweet Whiskey and his anxious daddy!!! Save them both by your sweet prayers, o Queen of Angels, Queen of Heaven, Bride of God, Mother of God!!!

  3. By the way, I hope being depressed out of mind helps, too, because I am.

  4. oh poor Baby boy get well soon,sweet boy,keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,xx Rachel and Speedy