Sunday 1 June 2014

Happy Birthmonth Whisky!

It's a very special day today because my special little Whisky was born seven years ago this month. We don't know which day in June he was born, so we are just going to go ahead and celebrate today, the first of the month.

I'm having feelings of both joy and sadness today, for as Whisky reaches the wise old age of 7 he becomes the first of my own rabbits to have lived this long. Considering only yesterday I watched a video of a dear 14 year old rabbit over on DisabledRabbits, it breaks my heart to think that my other four rabbits only had such a short time to enjoy their lives, especially considering the awful start to life some of them had before they came to us.

For all the challenges that life has thrown at him, to reach this age is a real achievement for Whisky, so today really is a day of celebration. He's already had his special birthmonth brunch (carrot sticks and parsley, his favourite) and I have a few small surprises for him later, but that will come after he wakes from his special birthmonth nap!

Happy birthmonth Whisky!


  1. God Grant You Many Years!
    Whisky, you are precious to me, here all the way across an ocean and half a continent. Between you and Speedy, a good chunk of my heart lies across the pond.

    1. and a piece of ours is with you too!xx Rachel and SPeedy

  2. Happy Birthmounth, Whiskey! Thanks for being here with us. This month everyday is a party!

  3. Happy Birthmonth Whisky,Party on Dude!xx Speedy and Rachel

  4. Happy Birth month Whisky!

  5. Happy Birthmonth, Whisky! You are such a delightful bun. We say celebrate all month long if you can! But most importantly, have many more wonderful years!
    XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett