Sunday 29 June 2014

The Great Outdoors

There's been a lot of rain around these parts this weekend, which somewhat restricts outdoor playtime. Consequently, when you get a break in the weather, you've got to take the opportunity. Which is fine, so long as your bunny isn't suddenly overcome with Sunday lethargy...


As the next batch of clouds rolled in, despairing at the thought that he might not get out at all the whole weekend, I took the executive decision to just plonk him outside and accept the disapproving consequences. However, as I reached under the table to scoop him up, he wasn't having any of it and shot off in the opposite direction - straight out the door! So not quite what I'd intended, but the results were the same, including the disapproval.

"He who can pass through this rectangle of grass without touching the sides shall win the right to pick me up. All others shall naff off and leave me alone. Then I shall nom the rectangle."


  1. Hahaha he porbably thought you was going to give him lots of meds,xx Rachel

  2. Whiskey looks great. It is such a delight to see him and hear about his little ways. Ah, the gloriousness of it all. So far all the bets are being laid on Whiskey. We think you need to hope the next batch of clouds doesn't let you down or you and the bunn will be camping out tonight. Hey, not such a bad idea.