Sunday 15 June 2014

Welcome to Castle Unimpressed

Whisky had some tests done in the week and today he starts a new medicine regime. Different antibiotics (the only one left that his super-bacteria aren't yet resistant to apparently) and different eye drops. After more than a week medicine-free, Whisky is particularly unimpressed to be having stuff dripped in his eye again. Today was mostly about him avoiding me, camped out in his cardboard castle rather than taking up one of his usual sunny spots around the house.

He did eventually emerge late in the afternoon when he had a sudden craving for fresh grass, but his attitude towards me was less than positive of course. In fact I swear at one point he tried to trip me down the stairs...

"What??!! That was a FRIENDLY head butt! Now get your ugly face back up those stairs and get my dinner."


  1. I wouldn't presume to suggest this if we weren't all committed to a life of abasing ourselves for our bunnies, but maybe the cardboard castle could be moved over to one of those sunny spots? We have of course and as always, had candles lit for your bunnies. We are always concerned for Whiskey, but we are really concerned for little Jessie, too. I have a friend who suggests all sorts of climbing gear that I don't understand and can't even name, but he recommends some sort of harness and a bunch of ropes if your bunny thinks there is such a thing as a friendly head butt at the top of a flight of stairs. He tends to think there are good solutions to every problem faced head on, cheerfully, and energetically. My idea is that you stretch out on the floor, and give Whiskey some nice ropes to chew. Really, really trusting all will go well, R3's little Austin cadre.

  2. I hope you are getting extra treats everyday you have to have that horrid medication. Lots of healing wishes to you, little munchkin.