Sunday 15 November 2015

A Sunday Out Of Sight

"WHY am I hiding under the table? Because I don't trust you - this time yesterday you made me eat syringe food that smelled like my butt!"

Along with his digestive issues, Whisky has an 'uneaten caecotrophs' problem. His vet had a suggestion for how to get his gut bacteria back into balance. I'm just wondering if Whisky's going to make me pay when he figures out why the syringe food smelled like his butt...


  1. Awww.. Poor Whisky. You can come hide with Auntie Lorna. My syringes do not (yet) smell like your butt.

  2. That sounds like a promising approach, but how about collecting small pieces of caecotrophs from bunnies who are known to already have especially healthy intestinal flora. I know you can't take all of any one bunny's, just a little bit from each member of a certain group. You could have special blends, and Whiskey could guess who the contributing bunns were. I have always thought of him as the cultured connoisseur type.

    1. Ok in theory but in practice there's not much chance of getting it since in healthy bunnies it generally goes straight from butt to mouth without even being seen!

    2. Looks like you ought to be able to talk the denizens of R3 into some kind of accommodation. Just ask the precious little darlings to work with you a little bit.