Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Teefs of Sprat

I think Pandoren may have forgotten to publish the post she drafted for today, but that's OK, it gives me a chance to post about one of my dear little fluffy friends.

Former foster Sprat is a real favourite of mine having once lived in my house and been temporally somewhat of a pal to Whisky. He is also I think the last remaining of Camilla's offspring, his siblings having succumbed to various issues I suspect resulted from bad breeding.

Well anyway, I am posting about him today because he is at the vets as I type this, along with his partner Bugsy, getting dental surgery. He has a newly discovered jawbone abscess to be operated on and a molar that needs removing. Bugsy, coincidentally, is in for a dental as well.

I try to avoid bothering readers here with requests for donations, so many of you are already very generously giving as part of the RRR monthly sponsorship scheme, but as he is such a special little guy I am going to make this exception. So here goes: if you are interested in donating towards Sprat's surgery, you can find information about the different methods on our website.

With that out of the way, here's the handsome little bun himself...

"I'm at the vets? Is this a dream? If so, where is the grated carrot mountain that's in all my other dreams?"

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting our Rescue.


  1. Rather than requests, make demands! Have the little bunns taught you NOTHING in their assiduous pursuit of treats? I apologize. I am feeling a little "chompy" (not to be confused with "chompee") today. In my current (appalling, inappropriately violating my most deeply held beliefs), mood, I would like all of you who have ever felt this way to contribute extra so the wee bunn bunn can be fitted with dentures.

  2. Big Whoops! I was quite surprised to come to the blog after work and I thought "I don't remember writing that...". Oh well! Both Sprat and Bugsy had a couple of teeth removed today, bless them.