Tuesday 3 November 2015

Tuesday Tail #57

Of over 200 rabbits in the care of the RRR, most will come running if they think I've come packing snacks. Some of those will even straight up mug me for food.

A few of the ones with wild blood will keep to themselves, but that is to be expected.

But we do have a small handful of completely domestic residents who, for whatever reason, still maintain their cautiousness and suspicious nature around any volunteer they don't see every day. Snooki is one of those residents.

"Let me explain to you the geometry of personal space. See this line? While you are in my aviary, your space is that side of it and mine..."


"...is way over here behind this one. Simple, eh?"


  1. Snooki, you can just give up now. He is never going to get it. But, why wouldn't you want some close up time with B-HV? We don't understand.

    1. Well, there's bunnies' good sense of smell for one...