Saturday 14 November 2015

Saturday Saturation

"Well that's it, is it? I've got to eat my breakfast out here in the rain? Let me show you my unimpressed face."

BHV: Isn't that just the same face you usually look at me with...never mind. Maybe I'll just go see if we have any bunny-sized umbrellas.


  1. Fraggle: Will you stop messing around down there with that camera and bring us *our* breakfast? Oh forget this, I'm off for a nap.

  2. I posted this when I noticed I didn't put one up for this morning. Then after I posted it, I realised I *did* put one up and forgot to publish it. So now you've got two. Maybe I'll go take a nap too.

  3. Poor abused bun. Shouldn't you be holding the brolly over them while they eat breakfast and YOU get soggy?