Sunday 21 July 2013

Basil and Brush

Whisky's fun for today was to prune the pot of basil in the garden. Strange that he should suddenly take a liking to it now after he had ignored it for several weeks, but I think he's finally got fed up of waiting for the parsley and coriander plants to re-grow. He ate the last bits of those some days ago.

My "fun" for today has been de-floofng Whisky. For some reason, this weekend he seems to suddenly be experiencing an accelerated shed of his fur, so I can give him a good brush and 30 minutes later he looks like he is in desperate need of another one. So of course he is getting fed up with me following him round with a grooming kit, but I daren't leave him with too much loose fur incase he starts swallowing it risking blockages. Which reminds me, where is my shaggy little monster...?

"Well I'm certainly not under this chair, so keep on walking my Furminating friend."


  1. We know all about that at the moment!!
    Molly and Faline look so scruffy.
    I hope you doesn't mind, but if you is using a furminator we know someone who had a bad incident with one on a rabbit. Obviously you are very careful, but thought we would share anyway.

    1. Thanks Ludo, that is worth knowing! I generally only use it for very specific things like small tangles in awkward places and am very careful - mostly I just use a regular pet-grooming comb.

  2. "Shaggy Little Monster" ??? That could get you weeks of mandatory sensitivity training. Let's try again before you get into real trouble. "Where is my little honey bunny anyway?"

  3. Hehehehe Shaggy little Monster hehehe love it!Sorry Jane but that is so funny and so adorable!xx Rachel

  4. Yep, been there with Mr. Mick as well--had to get out the mustache trimmer and trim the fur on his overly fuzzy butt, too. He was not at all happy with me after that, but I told him it was better than him getting a butt bath.