Wednesday 10 July 2013


As you will probably know, rabbits regulate their body temperature through their ears - it's the one part of their body that's not covered in thick floofy fur. That is unless, say, you are a bunny with a bald face (say, because you have a blocked tear-duct and your eye drains over it).

As we battle through the hottest week of the year so far in the UK and my little boy shows his dislike of the baking heat, I can be almost thankful for some of Whisky's little challenges, if they at least help take the edge off.

"Why do you always have to point that camera at my bald bits?!"

"And if you want to help me cool off, maybe an iced carrotini to go with this nommingly good grass?"


  1. Mr. Mick shares your pain, Whisky--he has leaky eyes as well, although we're still not sure if it's allergies or blocked ducts. He doesn't have the bald spots you do, but he is starting to lose a little hair in that area.

  2. W., you are so precious that my heart breaks everytime I see your gorgeous face.

  3. don't worry Whisky you're still adorable bald spots and all!xx Speedy's mum

  4. Aww bless, but does he need suncream instead!