Thursday 11 July 2013

Small Softy

I took a day off from work to spend at the Rescue yesterday as this week we are a bit short on volunteers. After feeding everybun and making sure they all had water I was exhausted (the hot sunshine didn't help).

Before I left I spent a few minutes sat with one of the groups of babies and took a few photos. I quite like how this one came out.

If there are any budding photographers out there interested in how to reproduce that cool soft focus look, here's a quick tip from me: When taking pictures of baby bunnies, try doing it with their mum off camera to the left breathing onto your lens.


  1. Mr. Mick says, "Well, now you've gone and done it. How am I supposed to get waited on hand and foot if Mum is too busy *squee*-ing here, there and everywhere? Foo' humans and their dang fascination with dang babies..."

  2. but they are so cute Mr Mick,and you know your Mama Loves you!xx Rachel

  3. Mr. Mick, I'm sure you were a smashingly gorgeous baby bun! Are there pics of Mr. Mick this tiny?

    This little sweetie is just starting out in the world! What a precious baby! Mama bunny breath filter! That's awesome! :)