Sunday 7 July 2013

RWAF Conference 2013

Yesterday was the annual RWAF conference, which for the second year running was held fairly locally to us at the Wood Green centre at Godmanchester. Sessions were delivered by leading rabbit vet Richard Saunders, wild plant expert Twigs Way and animal behaviour lecturer/author Anne McBride.

My favourite part of these things is generally the simple joy of being in a room full of knowledgable rabbit people. Second to that has to be the way the topics and discussions helps us reflect on the different aspects of our work and the rabbits in our families. This year, the stand out point for me was Anne McBride's suggestion that when we clean out our rabbits we need to consider how they view their world. It went something like this:

"Imagine if I came to stay at your house and every night I removed all the fences from around your property so that it was no longer clear where your boundaries were and anyone could just walk right through. THAT'S how it feels to a rabbit every time you so throughly clean out their area, removing all their carefully placed scent."

Such a good way to explain it I thought!

So another great conference with entertaining, informative presentations full of useful tips and much food for thought.


  1. which is why I always put a bit of Speedy's dirty stuff in the corner of his litter tray its something I have always done with all my bunnies that I have had over the years,xx

  2. That explains why they lose their schnitt when I clean the pens.