Sunday 15 March 2015

The Picky, The Picker and the Pickee

"...and this part of the garden right here is mine..."

"Errr...Anouska? I think there might be somebun who disagrees with you there..."

"What the...??!!!"

"Right, human! Since you let these interlopers into MY garden, your punishment will be to pick up all their poos, not with a dustpan and brush but with this litter picker. One at a time. Until they are ALL gone. And if you do it again, next time there will be no picker to use either."


  1. You tell 'em, Whisky!

    Training hoomans is such hard work, he should give you a treat while he's at it!

  2. You know, I had thought I had seen and heard everything, but the minute I saw Whiskey's little face, I knew something just shocking was on it's way.

  3. hahaha sorry but the look on Whiskys face is priceless,I guess you had better get picking,xx Rachel

  4. Ah Bobbit, he knew Anouska was in trouble!