Friday 12 June 2009

Tufty and Vanilla Rehomed

Tufty Bunny

This week we say goodbye to Vanilla and Tufty as they are delivered to their new home as house rabbits. We are always pleased to see our little ones move on to happy homes where they will be loved and cared for, but that doesn't stop us missing them. In this case, we will miss our regular Tufty cuddles, for however many times we told him "Bunnies are prey animals, so being picked up is scary for them" he would just shrug his little bunny shoulders and come for some snuggles. Good luck in your new home guys!

Vanilla Bunny

Thursday 4 June 2009

Lesson 1: Most Bunnies Don't Like Cuddles

"Your feeble mind tricks won't work on me!!!"

We had some friends of friends over at the weekend. It was their first introduction to my bunnies and as such a chance to spread the word of the Way of Proper Bunny Care. For people who have only experienced hutched rabbits (just the thought of that makes me feel sad) these situations usually result in genuine surprise when they observe a remarkably different behaviour. "They're more like cats than rabbits!" they exclaim as the bunnies come up to investigate and tiny front paws are planted on human legs as the possibilty of treats is investigated.

On this occasion however, a scorching hot June afternoon, all the visitors could really learn was that sometimes bunnies just like to flop out in the shade and be left alone to nap.

One of this weeks visitors exclaimed "They're so cute! Can I pick them up??". I paused for a second and considered the deep scars on my arms from the last time Santa tried to explain to me that he really didn't NEED to be lifted off the ground to have medicine, be brushed or have his claws clipped. Was this a "learn by doing" situation I asked myself?

"Err...They don't really like that.." I replied almost apologetically. Santa and Jemima eyed us all suspiciously and went back to their nap.