Monday 30 June 2014

Meal For Four

Good morning everyone and everybun! Something a little different this week. This picture has usurped the usual Monday Mouf because it puts a big smile on my face.

For several years I was always pleased when I made breakfast for these guys to be one of the privileged few they all trusted to come out and feel safe eating in front of. But then we had months of having strange workers and new volunteers stomping about the place making them cautious, so for a long time I've only seen one, two or (occasionally) three at the bowl while I am in sight.

I really hope this is the start of seeing them all together more regularly, but if this turns out to be a one-off I can at least savour the memory of this day of our little wild bunch trusting me again. Enjoy your yummy snackage little ones!

Sunday 29 June 2014

The Great Outdoors

There's been a lot of rain around these parts this weekend, which somewhat restricts outdoor playtime. Consequently, when you get a break in the weather, you've got to take the opportunity. Which is fine, so long as your bunny isn't suddenly overcome with Sunday lethargy...


As the next batch of clouds rolled in, despairing at the thought that he might not get out at all the whole weekend, I took the executive decision to just plonk him outside and accept the disapproving consequences. However, as I reached under the table to scoop him up, he wasn't having any of it and shot off in the opposite direction - straight out the door! So not quite what I'd intended, but the results were the same, including the disapproval.

"He who can pass through this rectangle of grass without touching the sides shall win the right to pick me up. All others shall naff off and leave me alone. Then I shall nom the rectangle."

Saturday 28 June 2014

Altered Images

Patty and Benson have very definitely changed their personalities since they got together. Gone is the grumpy, lunging, in-your-face, snack-snatching attitude. They've become more refined and almost, dare I say, ...angelic?

"Hey, I've always been an angel! (In my own way...)"

"Well our attitudes may have changed but our breakfast order hasn't! More carrots, less of that healthy green rubbish please!"

Sorry Patty, even quieter well behaved bunnies need to eat healthily!

Friday 27 June 2014

Variety Chompers

Tatiana would like me to point out that her babies don't just hang around all day chomping shoes...

"That's right!"

"We also like chomping jeans![.chomp.chomp.chomp.]"

Thursday 26 June 2014


As the seasons change and bunnies lose and grow in new coats, their colouring can sometimes change. Lighter, darker, brighter, even slight variation in patterns can occur. And then there's Booboo's wife-bun Bounty... This. Is. Just. Weird.

"Do you like it? For 10 carrots I'll let you trim it off - you can stick it on your ugly head!"

Err...thanks Bounty, but...I don't think it's quite my colour.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Edge of Darkness

"I am the one who lurks in the darkness...I am the stuff of your nightmares...I am...the SHOE NOMMER!"

Monday 23 June 2014

Love Face?

Starburst, special-needs sponsor bunny from our logo, is back at the Rescue meeting a potential new bunfriend. She's been on her own at Caroline's house for some time now, having rejected all other suitors since losing dear Austin last year. Fussy though she is, she does not seem unhappy about meeting this new guy...

Sunday 22 June 2014

Med Run

Well here we are, half way through Whisky's new course of antibiotics and things could be better. His face was a mess with the stuff coming out of his eye this morning, I was hoping we would see some improvement by now if only temporarily. This most recent antibiotic seems a bit more watery than the previous ones so I also have concerns he might be spitting some of it out, or at least it's coming out of his mouth whether intentional or not. Perhaps I was wrong to choose the oral option rather than injectable, but I didn't fancy injecting him every day for several weeks.

The good news for Whisky was that because it is a 2 week course (for now anyway), he didn't have to go to the vets this week - the first vet-free week in several months! Bad news for me - I stupidly didn't put the top on the bottle properly Friday and threw his meds all over the carpet Saturday morning, so I *did* have to go to the vets, for a refill. The vet practise is not nearby, it was very frustrating having to skip out of my planned volunteering early for something so stupid on my part.

"Well I for one vote for MORE vet visits where you leave me at home. And next time, if you could maybe leave the fridge door open on your way out in case I need an emergency snack...?"

Saturday 21 June 2014


"Hey, you there! Show me your hand!"

"Hmm...seems clean enough. OK, get to work."

"Oh yeah, that's it. Now, keep going until I doze off, then you can go clean my house."

Friday 20 June 2014

Before The One You Serve

"See how we bow right down at your feet to demonstrate subservience?"

"Well now you've seen the demonstration, you know what to do! So get with the servitude!"

Thursday 19 June 2014

Bits of Who Solution #1

"And MY prize is just this one pesky pellet? Unless a whole bunch of this pellets pellety friends turn up very quickly, I think you and I are about to enter some seriously chompy negotiations..."

Bits of Who?

OK, so I've been trying to come up with some more interesting themes for posts and thought I'd give this a go. I call it "Bits of Who?". It's sort of a game and here are the rules:

  • At 6.30am GMT I post a pic of a BIT of a bunny who is a current (or very recent) resident at the Rescue
  • You have 12 hours to guess which bunny it is a bit of
  • You must not post your guess before 6.30pm GMT
  • The first comment after 6.30pm with the correct answer wins
  • You can have as many guesses as you want but only your LAST guess counts
  • A follow-up post with the correct answer will appear at 7pm GMT
  • The prize is, erm... knowing that you are totally awesome for spending too much time either at the Rescue or supporting us on this blog!!!

Got it? Too complicated? Too easy? Did I mention I might occasionally tweak the colours to make it harder?! OK, Bit of Bunny number one...

Wednesday 18 June 2014

The Food Critic

"Well that's closer. But maybe you could give it just one last try to see if you can get the snacks IN my bowl, eh?

Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Accused

"Hey BHV, did us bunnies poo so much you tired yourself out with all the sweeping??!! Lightweight!!"

You're not wrong my funny furry friends, you're not wrong!

Naptime at BHV Ranch

Oops. I slept right through the blog-writing hour. Sorry about that, will remedy that later today...

Monday 16 June 2014

Meet Phea

How about this for a perfect start to the week? This is Phea (pronounced "Fee"), a beautiful girl with the looks of a wild rabbit but a personality that is anything but. We can't re-home her at the moment as she is currently recovering from a chomp-related tail injury, so she's only here today to say 'hi', but OMG look at that face!!!!

"Hey everybody!"

Sunday 15 June 2014

Welcome to Castle Unimpressed

Whisky had some tests done in the week and today he starts a new medicine regime. Different antibiotics (the only one left that his super-bacteria aren't yet resistant to apparently) and different eye drops. After more than a week medicine-free, Whisky is particularly unimpressed to be having stuff dripped in his eye again. Today was mostly about him avoiding me, camped out in his cardboard castle rather than taking up one of his usual sunny spots around the house.

He did eventually emerge late in the afternoon when he had a sudden craving for fresh grass, but his attitude towards me was less than positive of course. In fact I swear at one point he tried to trip me down the stairs...

"What??!! That was a FRIENDLY head butt! Now get your ugly face back up those stairs and get my dinner."

Friday 13 June 2014

Jessie In For Surgery

Poor Jessie had an overnight stay at the vets last night. When she originally came in to the Rescue she had dental problems and jaw abscesses which were dealt with, but unfortunately her problems have come back. She is scheduled for molar extractions and abscess removal today, so if you are reading this early on Friday please wish her a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Be strong Jessie, we will see you later for healing nose-rubs!

Thursday 12 June 2014

Red Lolly, Orange Lolly

Far too hot for me and the bunnies this week. Last night I put the fan on in Whisky's room and when I went back five minutes later he had laid down right in front of it for a nap.

"The way I see it, these are your choices:- My own air conditioning or an unlimited supply of carrot juice ice lollies. That is all."

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Cloud Watching

"Oh wow, that one there looks like a sheep, the one on the right looks kind of like a duck and that ugly one in the middle looks just like a stoopid human! Oh wait, that's not a cloud."

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Tuesday Tail #16

I love little Leona, she is such a character, but if there's one bunny at the Rescue right now you don't mess with...

"Sure, you could pull that loose tuft of fur out for me..."

"...or alternatively I could leave all your fingers intact. Your choice."

Monday 9 June 2014

Sleepy Mouf

Wait for it...

...wait for it...

...awww, sleepy mouf!

Sunday 8 June 2014

No-Drop Zone

Sundays need to be a bit lazy. I'm sure it's a law or something.

Sunny weather accompanies our laziness here today, so Anouska and Bobbit had a bright and pleasant session in the garden this morning. Not entirely as relaxed as I'd like, I think a few passing cars and screechy birds have spooked them recently, making them more wary when they are outside. But they still managed to get a good bit of exercise and chomping in.

"Uh-oh. Was that the call of the yellow-crested pointy-beaked bunny-biter I just heard? Maybe we should head back in - just stand over me while I finish nomming these flowers first."

Whisky has been taking it easy today. He was taken off all antibiotics and eye-drops this week so the vet can do some cultures on the stuff that oozes out of his eye and nose. His face is consequently a bit messy and needs multiple daily cleans, but it hasn't slowed him down at all, including his snacking rate.

"Oh, there you are! Get me a top-up of this green stuff here and maybe chuck in a few handfuls of dried dandelion, OK?"

And of course he hasn't lost any bit of his mischievous sense of humour either...

"I hear something:- A rider approaches. He brings with him treats. Perhaps this is something you can learn from him..."

Saturday 7 June 2014

Caller ID

"No, I don't care what sporting competitions it shows in HD, my husbun does NOT want your cable installed! Now stop knocking our door!"

Thursday 5 June 2014

Tarzanian Devil

So I wanted to post this pic today with a caption suggesting Boadicea was swinging from a vine:

But then I realised no-one is going to believe for a second that there's a vine in existence that could hold THAT tubsters weight!

"Are you making fat jokes about me again? One more of those and I'll sit on your head."

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Hard Boiled

"You want a piece of me??!! Good. Cos I could probably do with losing just a little from behind the ears."

Monday 2 June 2014

Smiley Chompous

Bunnies like hay: Fact.


Sunday 1 June 2014

Binky Day 2014

The other reason today is special is because it's Binky Day! Indeed, my little boy had a good binky around the garden today, but as I left him to it and didn't take any pics, here's an airborne-Whisky photo from last month:

We didn't submit any photo's this time, but as RWAF used the original Binky Day poster in this year's video, he still made it in - see if you can spot him!

Happy Binky Day everybun!

Happy Birthmonth Whisky!

It's a very special day today because my special little Whisky was born seven years ago this month. We don't know which day in June he was born, so we are just going to go ahead and celebrate today, the first of the month.

I'm having feelings of both joy and sadness today, for as Whisky reaches the wise old age of 7 he becomes the first of my own rabbits to have lived this long. Considering only yesterday I watched a video of a dear 14 year old rabbit over on DisabledRabbits, it breaks my heart to think that my other four rabbits only had such a short time to enjoy their lives, especially considering the awful start to life some of them had before they came to us.

For all the challenges that life has thrown at him, to reach this age is a real achievement for Whisky, so today really is a day of celebration. He's already had his special birthmonth brunch (carrot sticks and parsley, his favourite) and I have a few small surprises for him later, but that will come after he wakes from his special birthmonth nap!

Happy birthmonth Whisky!