Thursday 5 June 2014

Tarzanian Devil

So I wanted to post this pic today with a caption suggesting Boadicea was swinging from a vine:

But then I realised no-one is going to believe for a second that there's a vine in existence that could hold THAT tubsters weight!

"Are you making fat jokes about me again? One more of those and I'll sit on your head."


  1. Good Idea Boadicea,you show them the queen you are!xx Rachel

  2. B. between you and Twilight, I think you can take him on and quell the unseemly drift of these posts. I personally am tired of telling others to go ahead and have that last cookie. You girls, take him down!

    1. I wouldn't let he have the last cookie. The thing is, if we were on the last cookie I'd have a pretty good idea where the others went and wouldn't want them ALL going the same way... ;-)

  3. B., I am sure that by now you ARE sitting on his head. Is Twilight with you? How about a selfie?