Thursday 26 February 2015

Naked Thursdays

There was an interesting development in the world of Blogger yesterday. For some reason, somebun thinks this gives him extra power over me...

"You do realise that now if you post any pictures of me I don't like without my consent I can get this blog shut down? Technically, I'm not wearing any clothes..."

Sorry Whisky, I'm pretty sure that fluffy coat counts! (We might have to rethink any future post-ultrasound shots though...!)

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Harper Dance

"Dude, when do I get my parsley? I got maybe 5 more seconds of this dancing before Celine disowns me from embarrassment."

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Tuesday Tail #37

"I told you, no-ones following me..."

" are you gonna let me in for the secret bun party or what?"

Monday 23 February 2015

The Squee Fee

"What sort of payment should we expect for appearances on this blog? Is it a popularity thing? Do you pay by the squee or will any old 'awwww' get us our carrots?"

Sunday 22 February 2015

The Nebuliser

As if Whisky didn't have enough reasons to resent me, I am now stuffing him in a box twice a day for 10-20 minutes. That it is veterinary recommended stuffing is of little regard to the stuffee.

"You're gonna pay for this one, and I don't just mean the pile of treats I'm expecting when I get out!!!"

Saturday 21 February 2015

Tiny Noms

"Look, I'm only a MINI Rex, if you want me to bite your hand you're gonna have to hold it lower.... What? I said 'if you want me to eat that snack', why, what did you think I said?"

Thursday 19 February 2015

The Smell of Something Different

"Is that a new perfume?"

"Ergh!!! Or a very OLD one! Er...does good perfume generally come with a sell-by date?!"

Wednesday 18 February 2015

The Cold Light

"Don't stand all the way back there! Come, come closer!"

"That's perfect right there. The sun was totally in my eyes and distracting me from my noms. Now stop your gawping and stand still 'til we've finished."

Tuesday 17 February 2015

You Got A Light, Mack?

"Well if you're not gonna light this fine Cuban for me, I don't see why I should stay around to help you figure out who raided the bucket of pellets while your back was turned."

Monday 16 February 2015

Flin for the Win

"Are you still doing your Monday feature? Cos I got some great Moufs for you right here..."



Sunday 15 February 2015

Yesterday, All My Troubles...

"Oh hello, Whisky bunny here. As you can see I'm hiding out in my castle today because my annoying human keeps making me take yucky medicines. I figure if he can't see me in here he might forget to give them to me.

I don't see why I should have to take so many medicines again - I mean sure, I was feeling terrible yesterday, it was tricky breathing with all the snot in my nose so I didn't feel like eating, so yeah my poos were tiny, but I'm sure it would have gotten better on it's own. Why did I have to be dragged across two counties to be poked about with fingers and needles by strangers? And now, not only am I back on that nasty tasting stuff to make the germs go away, but he's also giving me that stuff that makes my tummy feel funny making me want to eat all the time and turns my bottom into a machine gun! How can I have a relaxing Sunday of naps when I even poo myself in my sleep??!! Not. Happy.

Oh well, I suppose I'd better give the human his Blogger login back so he can start posting things about those bunnies at the Rescue again. Maybe if he's spending his time writing up all the tales he might leave me alone! See ya!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines 2015

"I hope you have enjoyed our Valentine's Week stories from bunnies who found their true love and companions here at the Rabbit Residence Rescue. Perhaps some of you have been inspired to contact your local rabbit rescue to set up a romantic opportunity for the lonely bunny in your life?! (I mean, it's not that us bunnies don't like chatting with you humans, but it's so nice to have somebun around to speak bunny with!) I certainly enjoyed the tales and if nothing else, they have definitely put me in the mood for a nice candle-lit carrot with Bugsy tonight.

Our week may be coming to an end, but before I pass BHV's account back to Whisky ready for tomorrow's blog post, today we celebrate Valentine's Day itself with a selection of love and snuggles from some more of our adoptees.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and everybun!"

Peppy and Zelda in Loving-Lick Corner - photo by Amy

Lyric and Logan, Ear Licks and Whispers - photo by Emma

Pat the Pillow and Bob the Snoozer - photo by Cat

Jasmine and Theo in The Litter Tray Stretch-Out - photo by Jayne

Alfie and Peach and the Buried-Face Snuggle - photo by Katie

Fluff and Puff Kiss - photo by Steph

Friday 13 February 2015

The White One Loves Saurus

"We brought Jeffrey (also known as Free or The White One) to the Rescue after our beloved eight-year-old lionhead cross, Daisy, passed away. Although I wouldn’t say that Jeffrey was depressed, he had become destructive, and it was clear that he was very lonely on his own. He needed a new friend to keep him company.

Caroline knows that my husband, Tom, and I are complete suckers for lionheads. We were shown the beautiful Salsa, a harlequin lionhead that had not long been separated from her babies: Boz, Browncloud, Jar-Jar Binkies, Noelle, Picante and last but by no means least Silvio, and we fell in love. Salsa was very timid and Caroline told us that she would need a rab friend to look after her. We hoped and prayed that Jeffrey would fall in love with Salsa as much as we had.

Jeffrey is a pretty laid back bun, so all fingers were crossed for a strong and speedy bond. We certainly weren’t disappointed. Caroline weaved her bonding magic, and in only a few short days Jeffrey and Salsa (sometimes known as Salsasaur or Saurus) were very much a couple and came home with us.

At first, Salsa was very shy and nervous of humans. However, Jeffrey soon showed her the ropes; where the food came from, how to get into the house and even how to do some tricks. The two are now very much as thick as thieves. Jeffrey is clearly the brains behind the operation, communicating his naughty thoughts to Salsa. Salsa turns Jeffrey’s thoughts into actions, and often takes the rap (see photo of Salsa on the table with Jeffrey cheering her on at the sidelines)!

Jeffrey and Salsa have wonderful individual personalities that complement each other perfectly. Thank you Caroline for finding Jeffrey his perfect match!"

Thursday 12 February 2015

Amber Loves Rex

"It all started back in 2007...

Little Amber turned up at the Ansell household originally designed to go in a trio with two of my other bunnies. My other female decided that she didn't much like the idea of sharing her husbun with a fluffy little ginger baby bun, and it soon became apparent that a trio wasn't going to be an option.

We got her settled in her own room at home, and then set about looking for a partner for her. We'd visited Caroline a couple of years earlier, so we knew this would be best place to find a husbun for her to spend her days with.

We left her at home while we checked out the boys. Obviously lots were already happily bonded, some were a lot older than her, some were a lot fluffier than her, and then we saw him... Jay-Zee. The biggest, stroppiest rex rabbit I had ever seen. He was a beautiful broken castor standard rex, and he took one look at us, hopped to the back of the hutch and thumped his foot.

Caroline explained that his previous owners hadn't spent much time with him; their dogs chased him round the garden, and he had escaped from his hutch, impregnated their female, and landed himself at the rescue. As a result of his past, he was incredibly shut down around people and probably would have been quite happy never to have seen another person again. We knew that we may never have a cuddly rabbit, and he may always be shy / frightened, but we also knew we could give him a home where he'd be safe and secure, so we set the date for him to be bonded with Amber.

On the day we dropped her off, Caroline had set up a shed for them. Lots and lots of hay, and a divider in the middle. Jay-Zee was on one side, and we put Amber in the other. Straight away he was snorting, lunging and boxing her through the wire, while she munched on some hay. We drove home, hoping that we hadn't made a horrible mistake picking such a crazy rabbit.

Lo and behold, Caroline text us regular updates and pictures through the process, and after 2 weeks they were settled and ready to come home. When they arrived, he was a different rabbit. Gone was the aggression, and although he was still very very shy, he set about making himself at home.

He didn't bear much similarity to his rapper namesake, (he soon turned out to be a complete pansy), so we renamed him Rex. For the first year, we struggled to build a bond with him. He was lovely with Amber; they spent most of their time bonking each other, usually while one was trying to eat breakfast, or licking each other to within an inch of their lives. With us though, whenever we went to check on them, he would run off and hide in the corner facing the wall, and the slightest noise would make him jump and thump his feet.

With perseverance, and lots of sitting quietly with food, he is now is snuggliest bun and follows us about trying to beg food.

Even after 8 years together, the love hasn't fizzled out and although they've slowed down a little, they still find the motivation to wash each other's ears, steal treats...

...and snuggle up together giving bunny kisses."

Words and photo's by Lindsay

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Alfie Loves Lola

"This is the story of when Alfie (aka the Trons, the Tronnie, the Tronky Tronk, Little Grey Bear, Your little ****) met Lola (aka Lolly, Lollypop, Lilly Lol Lols, Little Black Beauty)...

In August 2010, when Alfie was 8 months old, fresh faced and toothless from having his incisors removed, I took him to the rescue to meet his future wife. Caroline had already decided that Alfie was to meet 5 month old Lola (formerly Cherish). A pampered house bun whose only company had been me for the past 5 months of his life, Alfie had no idea what Lola was or what he was supposed to do with her. Caroline reported that it was not love at first sight. Alfie was quite happy to accept all Lola's grooming but ignored all Lola's requests to be groomed in return. However, over the week, Alfie began to get the idea and by the end of week 1 Alfie was starting to show Lola a little love. They both came back to me, a bonded pair, a week after that. They settled in together very well with only the odd short lived scuffles in the first few months.

They are not the sort of bun pair you will find with one draped over the other but over the course of the last 4 years they really have always been the best of buds. Lola is the gentle, considered bun to Alfie's lunging, growling, biting, bonkersness. Despite Alfies love of extreme bunny sports - sitting in the middle of the room whilst I vacuum around him and appearing right by my feet when I least expect it - with his lop ears and poorer eyesight, Lola really is his eyes, ears and comfort. He will not let you stroke him, for example, without his face squooshed against some part of Lola's body for reassurance.

Together they sleep, eat and investigate. When one comes into the room, I know the other will follow behind shortly after. When I get up to feed them in the morning, I more often than not find them asleep together under their Hello Kitty chair.

I can't imagine Alfie without Lola and Lola without Alfie. I hope they get to grow old together."

Words and photo's by Anouska

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Creampuff Loves Sprinkles

"I brought my Creampuff into the rescue a year and a half ago looking for a wife for him after his group had broken up. Caroline tried him with a lot of girls but he did not get on with any of them.

I went to volunteer at the rescue and Caroline suggested speed dating him with a few available girls - we put him in the back of the car (small, neutral space) and introduced him to a beautiful potential wife. Unfortunately Creampuff was scared of her, and he was scared of the next one then......Mimosa (now Sprinkles) was brought out. Immediately they went up to each other and started licking and kissing each other (a bit forward for a first date!!).

From then on it was love, Mimosa was renamed Sprinkles and came to live in an aviary with her husbun Creampuff."

Words and photo's by Esther

Monday 9 February 2015

The Week of Love

"Oh hello everyone and everybun!

We have decided to kick that mean 'Carrot-Hogging Volunteer' bloke off the blog for the week and are hijacking his account for something different. In honour of Valentines Day, we are handing the blog over to the wonderful people who have brought their own bunny to this Rescue to find their perfect partner and forever friend. So please join us back here tomorrow for the first of our tales of bunny love.

(Oh, and if you see Mr C-HV, tell him if he wants his Blogger account back next week he'd better start being a bit more generous with the grated orange delights!)"

"Speaking of love, I'm about to give Bugsy a licky-face bath, so if you don't mind....?!"