Sunday 15 February 2015

Yesterday, All My Troubles...

"Oh hello, Whisky bunny here. As you can see I'm hiding out in my castle today because my annoying human keeps making me take yucky medicines. I figure if he can't see me in here he might forget to give them to me.

I don't see why I should have to take so many medicines again - I mean sure, I was feeling terrible yesterday, it was tricky breathing with all the snot in my nose so I didn't feel like eating, so yeah my poos were tiny, but I'm sure it would have gotten better on it's own. Why did I have to be dragged across two counties to be poked about with fingers and needles by strangers? And now, not only am I back on that nasty tasting stuff to make the germs go away, but he's also giving me that stuff that makes my tummy feel funny making me want to eat all the time and turns my bottom into a machine gun! How can I have a relaxing Sunday of naps when I even poo myself in my sleep??!! Not. Happy.

Oh well, I suppose I'd better give the human his Blogger login back so he can start posting things about those bunnies at the Rescue again. Maybe if he's spending his time writing up all the tales he might leave me alone! See ya!


  1. Oh dear Whisky,I'm sorry you're not up to you best sweetie but its nice to see you have the same castle as Speedy though I have had to repair his 4 times,feel better soon little one,xx Rachel

  2. Oh poor Whisky! <3

    *Sends emergency blueberries*

    Maybe if you put on a movie (It's the 30th anniversary of Breakfast Club, y'know) and leave out a cup of tea the human will get distracted and wandered off, forgetting to pester poor, sweet, innocent, little bunnies with syringes and things.

  3. eating all the time is good!!!! this is my new Valentines poem which I am sending you (as well as sending to my mama):
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Bunnies love turning
    Hay into poo

    so turn that hay into poo whisky my friend!

    PS surely the vet no longer counts as a 'stranger' - you do get to meet them quite often!