Wednesday 4 February 2015

Popcorn Rehomed

Some good news for you today.

Following the sad death of his partner Fern, Popcorn bounced back very quickly, so much so that we tried him with a lonely girl who came in looking for a new husbun. And so quickly did they bond that I am pleased to say that he has already been delivered to his new home!

"Well of course I found another bunny to love me so soon, I'm freakin' adorable!"

Yes you are Popcorn, and so modest with it too! Good luck with your new family, we'll all miss you!


  1. You have to know that this is what Fern would want.

  2. How can any girl bunny resist such a gorgeous looker - so pleased you found a lovely new home to live - hope you will both be very happy. Jennifer