Sunday 22 February 2015

The Nebuliser

As if Whisky didn't have enough reasons to resent me, I am now stuffing him in a box twice a day for 10-20 minutes. That it is veterinary recommended stuffing is of little regard to the stuffee.

"You're gonna pay for this one, and I don't just mean the pile of treats I'm expecting when I get out!!!"


  1. Poor wee Whisky.

    Speaking of weeing, hopefully he doesn't think your pillow will be the perfect target!

  2. Well, Shady, the pillow has got to be among the top 10 targets, but I am placing my bet on the camera equipment. It is a tough call though, even for an outrage for an outrage tuffy like Whiskey. I mean what can you really do after someone calls you a "stuffee?"

  3. Poor Whisky - Here's hoping he will be ok - lots of love and prayers coming your way Whisky. xxx

  4. Aww... That is sad and cute and sad all over again. Whisky is really lucky to have you.