Wednesday 11 February 2015

Alfie Loves Lola

"This is the story of when Alfie (aka the Trons, the Tronnie, the Tronky Tronk, Little Grey Bear, Your little ****) met Lola (aka Lolly, Lollypop, Lilly Lol Lols, Little Black Beauty)...

In August 2010, when Alfie was 8 months old, fresh faced and toothless from having his incisors removed, I took him to the rescue to meet his future wife. Caroline had already decided that Alfie was to meet 5 month old Lola (formerly Cherish). A pampered house bun whose only company had been me for the past 5 months of his life, Alfie had no idea what Lola was or what he was supposed to do with her. Caroline reported that it was not love at first sight. Alfie was quite happy to accept all Lola's grooming but ignored all Lola's requests to be groomed in return. However, over the week, Alfie began to get the idea and by the end of week 1 Alfie was starting to show Lola a little love. They both came back to me, a bonded pair, a week after that. They settled in together very well with only the odd short lived scuffles in the first few months.

They are not the sort of bun pair you will find with one draped over the other but over the course of the last 4 years they really have always been the best of buds. Lola is the gentle, considered bun to Alfie's lunging, growling, biting, bonkersness. Despite Alfies love of extreme bunny sports - sitting in the middle of the room whilst I vacuum around him and appearing right by my feet when I least expect it - with his lop ears and poorer eyesight, Lola really is his eyes, ears and comfort. He will not let you stroke him, for example, without his face squooshed against some part of Lola's body for reassurance.

Together they sleep, eat and investigate. When one comes into the room, I know the other will follow behind shortly after. When I get up to feed them in the morning, I more often than not find them asleep together under their Hello Kitty chair.

I can't imagine Alfie without Lola and Lola without Alfie. I hope they get to grow old together."

Words and photo's by Anouska


  1. These odd couples are the best!

  2. Anouska, since they are in love, you may have to settle for forever young.

  3. These 2 remind me of my Daisy and Bud but the opposite way round. Bud looked like Alfie but Daisy had the personality of Alfie. Lovely to see bunnies in love.