Saturday 29 August 2009

Photo Day

I love photo day. I get to take a break from the usual tiring chaos of feeding and cleaning. I get to spend time bonding with the bunnies. And of course, for the new arrivals, there's the taking them out of their temporary hutches and carrying them to the photo table (ahhh, bonus cuddles!).

The bunnies seem to like the change in pace too, though I'm sure that has more to do with the extra treats than the chance to get their pictures onto the www.

Not all bunnies are keen though. This week I would especially like to thank Puzzle Bunny for making my Saturday afternoon task so challenging, what with the wriggling and the thinking his "best side" for a photo was the end with the tail. Then to top it all off, when I got home I discovered this was the only decent shot of him I'd managed to get:

Nice one Puzzle Bunny. Perhaps we'll have another go next week eh?

Sunday 16 August 2009

Warning To All Volunteers and Visitors

Mystery Bunny

This is an urgent warning to all volunteers and visitors to the Rabbit Residence Rescue. Please be on the lookout for Mystery Bunny, pictured above. If spotted this bunny should be approached with absolute caution and if possible avoided completely.

When cornering a human, she is likely to attack with:
  • Paws placed delicately on the legs
  • Nose nudges
  • Friendly "cuddle me" eyes
Victims of her attacks report feeling a warm sense of joy and general cuteness, responding with head strokes and lots of attention. But it is at this point that Mystery will strike, becoming even more adorable, demand more attention and rendering her victims incapable of escape or carrying out even the simplest of tasks (such as cleaning out).

We regret that this advice comes too late for two of our volunteers this Saturday who ventured into Majestic and Mystery's run unawares and eventually had to be retrieved using long poles with hooks.

Message Ends.