Friday 28 February 2014

Friday F...

I am starting to question if I am doing this theme-trial week the right way. Rather than presenting you with one theme each day, should I have given you options to vote on? Like today, I could have given you options like 'The Friday Feets', or 'The Friday Fail, or 'The Friday Floof', each with it's own pic, and see which theme you like the most? Hmmm...

Well anyway, despite these thoughts, today I decided to have The Friday Floof anyway. BC's wifebun Montana is poorly - she is losing weight and has a lump in her jaw - so she needs your healing vibes. Everybunny please cross your paws and wish her good health. She is seeing the vet, I will let you know how it goes.

Thursday 27 February 2014

The Fursday Foster Flop

It's Fursday today right? That's lucky, 'cos foster bun Anouska just did this:




Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wednesday Whisky Update

Whisky has been a bit miserable at times this week. We are waiting for a little more healing to happen so his latest (surgery-related) scab will fall off, but in the meantime he is having the area carefully cleaned daily to reduce the chance of bacteria getting in. He does NOT like his ear being touched, and this might be a bad sign, but the vet had a good feel and look at it on Friday and couldn't find any obvious problems. At the moment I am hoping the flinching and bracing himself whenever I go near it is just an instinctive response left over from before when it really did hurt. Either way, I'm back on Whisky's "approach with caution" list, so that's always fun. [sigh]

If he can't see me to glare at he is racing around in his regular fashion, his weight is also back to normal and his appetite is unstoppable. So despite his current feelings towards me, I still occasionally get attacked when he decides I should be giving him one of those oh-so-important between-meal snacks he thinks he is owed for some reason. So not all bad news!

When the scab finally comes off, then we will have to go back to the vets to see how things have settled/healed and where we go from here.

Well that was your Wednesday Whisky Update - don't forget to let us know which of these new trial themes you like, though I have a feeling this particular one won't become a regular even if we want it to...

"Wednesday?! But I thought I had another four days to think of new ways to mock you for the entertainment of the intehwebs??!!"

Monday 24 February 2014

The Monday...

I've been a bit slack on the blog recently and have decided to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt. One of the ideas I had (about 2 years ago, but hey, better late than never) was to introduce themed days. Sure, in recent months we've had "Whisky Sundays" and "No Caption Fridays", but really I think if we try harder we can come up with something better. And by "better" I of course mean "the same old stuff, but with snappier, more alliterative titles".

All this week I am going to try out different ideas for themes and your job, dear reader, is to let me know which ones you like. Depending on popularity and the availability of appropriate pics, we might see some of them stick.

With that in mind let's start with trial theme 1: "The Monday Mouth". And here to kick us off is our friend Archimedes - because who wouldn't want to give this fluffball full-on, mouth-on-mouth smoochies?! (Well, me for a start...)


Sunday 23 February 2014

Whisky's Weekend Wipe

I did a supply run for home yesterday:- we now have enough hay and pellets to keep little mouths occupied for a few weeks. I also picked up some dried herby goodness to mix in with the hay to make it more interesting and encourage foraging, especially for my foster bunnies.

The herb snacks are great, but today Whisky reminded me of one of the key rules of rabbits - no matter how much they climb on you and pester you while you're trying to watch Saturday night TV, and regardless of how healthy the snacks are, never let your bunnies convince you they should have a plateful of something new. New foods need to be introduced gradually because failure to do so can result in upset digestion and a joyful morning of bottom cleaning.

I think Whisky knew what was coming before I did, since he was mysteriously keeping out of my way first thing. But I am sure, despite what the post-clearup glares I'm getting might tell you, he's happier now that his floor and fur are sticky-poo-free.

"Gradually? So if you gave me more of my regular treats it would balance out?"

Nice try little one, nice try.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Fly Hard

However much space bunnies have in their enclosures, let them out into a wide open grassy space and they really make the most of it!


Friday 21 February 2014

Thursday 20 February 2014

What's All This, Zen?

"Look Zen, humans on the intehwebs are staring at us! Do you think this means we are super-cute, or are we just marginally more interesting to look at than spreadsheets, crosswords and other train passengers?"

Wednesday 19 February 2014

About Last Night

"Jake? Was it really windy last night?"

"What's that? Um...yes, that's right. I certainly didn't have the boys from the next warren over for a wild party or anything. It was DEFINITELY the wind...[phew]"

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Get Ready!

"Can you ask the taxi to wait a few more minutes? I'm starting to think there's not enough hair gel in the world to get these whiskers all pointed in the right direction."

Monday 17 February 2014

Pinky In The Sky

A few weeks back, my day-job employer shipped me off to Florida to learn a bunch of technical computer stuff. I usually pass such opportunities off to my colleagues as I hate not being around in case of Whisky-related emergencies (and lets face it, he's pretty good at generating them), but this one was unfortunately too important to my job to turn down.

There's nothing lagomorphic about these trips, but I was determined to come back with at least one bunny-themed photo for you. And here, I am afraid, is the best I could do...

Sorry! I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow if you want to see more real bunnies...!

Sunday 16 February 2014

Bleurgh Sunday

"Why are humans so rubbish after a night out? Daddy didn't crawl out of bed properly until 3pm. On the plus side though, that gave me loads of time to leave him lots of presents over the floor to celebrate the arrival of new foster buns in the house this week..."

Saturday 15 February 2014

Fosters Paired Is Love Squared

How cool is this??!! Two of my former fosters have hooked up!

Thursday 13 February 2014

Rabbit Plumbers

"You'll be pleased to hear that we've cleared your blockage..."

"Turns out it was us. Now my partner Benson would like to discuss the bill."

"Looks to me like a 20-carrot job. Will you be paying in one sack, or would you like to take the daily instalment plan?"

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Blogging Off

Today is my last day (for a while at least) of filling in for BHV. It's been fun and thanks for your support and comments. Apologies for the rather disproportionate number of posts about my own little furry family - I just have more photos of them than the bunnies at the Rescue as I usually forget to take my camera, or forget I brought my camera until it's starting to get dark and the bunnies are all looking far too hungry to sit still enough for long exposure shots. So here's me and my two pairs of fluffsters signing off*.

Normal service will resume shortly!

(*Clarence and Beatrice photo courtesy of BHV.)

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Can't get the staff

"Mrs Two-Legs, you really do like to make a mess when you're 'cleaning' don't you?"

Monday 10 February 2014

Last Orders

"So bartender, what would you recommend?"

Sunday 9 February 2014

Where's Whisky

Hey everyone! Just dropping by with an update on my little fluffy boy.

As soon as I was back from my week away for work, I whisked Whisky off to the vets for an appointment to remove the last of his stitches. However, when the stitches came out, allowing the vet to remove the scabby bits they were holding on, things were not looking good underneath. Another infection, despite all the antibiotics we'd been dosing him with since the ear operation. So my poor little boy, still terrified of the vets following all that painful surgery, was readmitted to spend more days under veterinary care. He had to have the re-opened wound regularly cleaned and flushed, plus daily injections of more antibiotics.

Given his newly elevated fear of the vets, I was not entirely surprised to hear when I called for an update the following day that he was not eating voluntarily. He was almost certainly very scared of what he was in for this time. The nurses were having to syringe feed him and dose him up with gut motility meds just to keep things moving through his digestive system.

So I spent the week harassing them with daily phone calls to see how he was getting on and suggesting different things to try to cheer him up. The good news was that as the week went on he started to relax more as well as start to heal. By Friday he was ready to come home, so I raced over there as soon as I could to pick him up.

Back at home he was very quickly pleased to be in his own environment with more freedom and space. He raced around the house, chomped at some hay and snacks, had a little rest on his blanket - a very happy little Whisky. Happy, that is, as long as I went nowhere near him, otherwise he would just run and hide under the benches in his room.

"Yeah right, OF COURSE you haven't come to give me more medicine or stuff me back in the carrier, why WOULDN'T I believe you. Just put some snacks on the floor and back away."

The only communication I got from him was when he decided he wanted to go out in the garden to play and pestered me to open the back door. Again, he was very happy as long as I stayed out of the garden and left him to it - he had a wonderful time binkying and racing about on his own.

"You! Stay in the house! I'm about to attempt a flying 180 degree binky and I don't want your smelly butt in my way."

Trust is growing slowly with each meal or snack I bring him and he seems very happy in himself. In terms of his health, we still have a way to go on this, so I am not counting any chickens yet. For now I am just going to enjoy watching him play his little games.

"Games? I'm creating art. I call it 'Human Know Your Place'."

"Nearly done..."

Thanks Whisky, I think I got that one. I'll go get the snack tub.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Friday 7 February 2014

Thursday 6 February 2014

Cleanly Irritated

"You've been cleaning my ear for 20 minutes....are we done yet?"


Wednesday 5 February 2014

Funny Stretchy Boy

"Ahhh and just stretch out this last leg... and it'll be time for another nap."

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Climbing Games

This is my most favourite bunny game. Lie on the floor with snacks and see who'll climb on me. Milo has been good at this for a while. Boo used to be cautious and always keep one foot on the floor, but has recently discovered that it's safe and now jumps up enthusiastically, particularly if she hears the rattle of pellets in their tub. Haven't managed to get a photo of her playing this game yet but here's a rather blurry one from a while ago of little Milo.

"eee gimme the snack already"

If you play this game, be warned, you are likely to get lightly coated in fluff and damp muddy footprints and to get the occasional damp paw or ear in your face. All in a day's fun!

Sunday 2 February 2014

Whisky's holiday

Last week we had a very special visitor staying at our house – the one and only Whisky.

"A holiday? But I only just got back from my stay at the vets!"

The timing was unfortunate following his recent health issues but BHV had to attend a conference for work so we offered up our ex-foster bunny room as house-bunny suitable holiday accommodation.

Bunnies never travel light and Whisky arrived with a large bag of hay, two boxes of dried foods, a bag of dried herbs, 7 different meds (2 daily, the others in case of need), scales to keep an eye on his weight, a tunnel, two teddy bears and a blanket. BHV also lent us his camera so we could capture some holiday snaps.

During the week he was the perfect house bunny, using his litter tray, eating everything that was put in front of him and behaving impeccably at medicine time even if he wasn't very pleased about it. I was hoping to have some interesting tales to tell you about his stay but, for Whisky, it was a very uneventful week. I didn't even get any particularly good photos - though that may be my lack of photography skills rather than a lack of opportunities for good pictures!

Being fed by the smallest person in the house

Although it was lovely having him stay, it was really great to see him reunited with BHV yesterday and heading home as I'm sure this is where he would rather be. Hopefully he is settling back in well and we can look forward to more updates of his antics soon. 

Saturday 1 February 2014

Hand Stand

"Somebun point me in the direction of the Cirque de Soleil auditions!"