Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wednesday Whisky Update

Whisky has been a bit miserable at times this week. We are waiting for a little more healing to happen so his latest (surgery-related) scab will fall off, but in the meantime he is having the area carefully cleaned daily to reduce the chance of bacteria getting in. He does NOT like his ear being touched, and this might be a bad sign, but the vet had a good feel and look at it on Friday and couldn't find any obvious problems. At the moment I am hoping the flinching and bracing himself whenever I go near it is just an instinctive response left over from before when it really did hurt. Either way, I'm back on Whisky's "approach with caution" list, so that's always fun. [sigh]

If he can't see me to glare at he is racing around in his regular fashion, his weight is also back to normal and his appetite is unstoppable. So despite his current feelings towards me, I still occasionally get attacked when he decides I should be giving him one of those oh-so-important between-meal snacks he thinks he is owed for some reason. So not all bad news!

When the scab finally comes off, then we will have to go back to the vets to see how things have settled/healed and where we go from here.

Well that was your Wednesday Whisky Update - don't forget to let us know which of these new trial themes you like, though I have a feeling this particular one won't become a regular even if we want it to...

"Wednesday?! But I thought I had another four days to think of new ways to mock you for the entertainment of the intehwebs??!!"


  1. B-HV, the flinching brought on by remembered pain certainly sounds probable. You just can't imagine how all of us are pulling for you and your little hoodlum. His weight gain and desire to eat are so welcome. I really like all the theme days, but you know Whiskey is right. He has a real following, and his expectation seems reasonable and necessary. You know he needs all the time he can get to cover those bases he considers important.

  2. Dear Whisky, hope your ear feels much better very soon and I hope you keep getting those all important snacks so necessary for full recovery!