Tuesday 4 February 2014

Climbing Games

This is my most favourite bunny game. Lie on the floor with snacks and see who'll climb on me. Milo has been good at this for a while. Boo used to be cautious and always keep one foot on the floor, but has recently discovered that it's safe and now jumps up enthusiastically, particularly if she hears the rattle of pellets in their tub. Haven't managed to get a photo of her playing this game yet but here's a rather blurry one from a while ago of little Milo.

"eee gimme the snack already"

If you play this game, be warned, you are likely to get lightly coated in fluff and damp muddy footprints and to get the occasional damp paw or ear in your face. All in a day's fun!


  1. I do this, they love standing on me, sometimes they even give me a kiss on my nose!!! Or I lie on my tummy and they all use my back as a stool

  2. yep I love it when Speedy climbs on me too!xx Rachel