Thursday 28 February 2013

A Close One

Dear Diary

Last night I had to suffer having a new indignity inflicted on me by my thoughtless human.  On top of driving me across two counties to sit in a room with nasty doggies that show too much interest in me, whisking me into another room where I'm poked and prodded before having things flushed from my ears and eyes, THIS time I was also handed off to ANOTHER strange human and taken away for a shave!  A SHAVE!  I mean really.  I wouldn't mind so much, but she only did one side and didn't take any off the back.  The regular strange human with the poky fingers said something about "making it easier to wash my face", but I reckon she was making excuses while they train up a new barber.

Well anyway, I'm off to thin out the edge of the hall carpet with my claws.  Let's see what he thinks of THAT one-sided shave.

Catch you later,

Whisky Bunny

Wednesday 27 February 2013


The difficult part about returning foster babies to the Rescue is the waiting. If you don't give them back they'll never find forever homes of course, but you know there will be that time before someone and somebun choose them where their lives aren't going to be as good as they were at your home. Less space, less attention, just waiting. It's particularly frustrating when you can see a really special soul like Ponyo being overlooked, a bunny with such a strong personality just yearning to have space, companionship and a family to love her.

Well happily, that wait could be nearly over. Firstly, we have gotten much better at showing her off recently - the key is putting Ponyo in a big space where she can see lots of other rabbits so that massive personality comes bounding out of that tiny body! Secondly, she has now been chosen as first choice to try with someone's little boy! So hopefully the only sad thought I'll have when I see her at the Rescue will be that there's a chance it will be the last, but in that I can also be happy.

"It's great that you've lined me up with a date, but do we really need a chaperone? Cos if there's music and you start doing your 'Dad Dancing' I shall not be impressed."

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Monday 25 February 2013

Caught in the Act

"I resent the accusation. [crunch] This bucket was empty when I found it. [crunch crunch]"

Sunday 24 February 2013


"Ears deployed, increasing speed..."

Saturday 23 February 2013

Five Years

Five years ago today, 23rd February 2008, I volunteered for the first time at the Rabbit Residence Rescue. Today was my 5 year bunniversary!

I had emailed Caroline asking about adopting a pair of bunnies from the Rescue and whether I could volunteer for an afternoon to make sure it was something I was prepared for. Never having lived with a rabbit before, I wanted to learn the realities of what they were like, interacting with them, cleaning out etc. So I turned up, I had the tour and was handed a paint brush. I spent my first afternoon at the Rescue painting hutches.

Two very important things happened to me that afternoon. Firstly, I learned that volunteering, giving my time to help others with no direct benefit to myself, gave me the deepest sense of accomplishment and happiness since my years as a school teacher. Secondly, I had my heart well and truly melted when a little one-eared bunny called Bovril put his front paws up on the wire fence next to me to peer through and watch me painting. One of the cutest things I'd ever seen. I was hooked on bunnies. Not surprising then that the one afternoon volunteering turned into five years.

Oh, and I also met a newly arrived grey lop called Whisky.

So I had this clear idea in my head for today's post - a picture of me at the Rescue volunteering. Generally speaking, I have no desire whatsoever to see myself in pictures on this blog because, like you, I come here for the bunnies. But this one proud moment I wanted to share with you.

I was thinking about this on the way to the Rescue, while I was feeding bunnies, when I got the camera out the car and then, having gotten distracted talking to visitors about bunnies, not again until the journey home. D'oh.

So no picture today (I checked, I don't have one of Bovril, who found a home later that year), but I'll see you back here tomorrow with a pair of Big Ears and another Tiny Tale.

Friday 22 February 2013

Django Complained

"Move? My feets are muddy enough, thanks very much.  I'm just gonna wait here 'til spring."

Thursday 21 February 2013

The Big Orange

We have a wide variety of different accommodation at the Rescue for bunnies of all shapes, sizes and requirements. It ranges from the individual hutches/cages (used for emergencies, quarantine, nursing or short-term) through sheds/hutches attached to runs up to big aviaries. Sadly, so many of the rabbits who come to us have known nothing bigger than a hutch it is not surprising they can get a bit confused.

"Your sheds ARE comfy and warm, with so much to eat. I think I will like living in this one."

Er...actually, that's the hay shed. Yours is over there...

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Mr McGee

You may have noticed a disproportionate number of posts and pics on here with a breakfast theme. Because I tend to be the one to open up and feed on the days I am at the Rescue, it is not all that surprising that so many of my bunny photo's have vegetables in them. Recently I have added aviary sweeping to the end of my routine, which I thought would mean lots of veg-free pics of happy bunnies in clean enclosures. It turns out though that most bunnies at the Rescue RESENT me for moving their poo about and disappear as far out the way as they can. As for the ones that don't, they are often found sat on top of the newly made pile picking the good bits of hay out of it. Which doesn't make for a great picture.

But then there's McGee and his little friends who are so un-phased by the broom that you have to be careful not to sweep them up as you work round them.

"Yes you missed a bit, but that's OK - this bit is my lunch!"

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Lara Soft

My thoughts drift in and out of focus, along with the walls. Sometimes it's like there are no walls and the world stretches out all around me for thousands of miles. And yet I can almost touch ALL of it. Is this reality? Am I dreaming? Probably - one day into my new caffeine-free regime and I'm already finding myself being woken from unplanned naps by little furry head-butts.

"You need to get up. The carrot truck is here and they won't take my paw-print as a signature."

Monday 18 February 2013

Cover Star

Our new Facebook cover photo has generated more comments than any previous.  Why?  I think it has something to do with the handsome new 8kg giant bunny featured in it.  To show everyone how big he really is, Caroline thought it would be good to have a picture with her holding him.  This was not exactly easy - his size makes him difficult to lift and handle safely.  Fortunately he's a sweet, co-operative fellow and didn't mind the indignity of being picked up too much.  Not sure he was quite so happy about the photo part though!

"No pictures!  If you want a photo, signed head-shots are available from my agent."

Sunday 17 February 2013

Forecast: Warm Front

"Oo, sunny!  Time to get out and catch some rays!"

Saturday 16 February 2013

Steppin' Out

They've been with us for some time, yet still I haven't figured out how to tell which is Sienna and which is Joker in pictures. I think I recognise that look though...

"Have you learned NOTHING this week?"

"Step 3 my friend. Step 3."

Friday 15 February 2013

Size Isn't Everything

Curses! Those techno-lutionists over at GooglyHQ have updated the Blogger tools again - suddenly my pictures are shrinking and I'm not being offered the option to wrap centring divs round them anymore. Are centring divs demode now? No-one tells me anything. Well anyway, I do apologise if things look a bit funny here for a few days on Big Ears, Tiny Tales while I re-adjust to the "new way". I guess I'll figure it all out soon enough. [huge-sigh]

Oh, and here's a tiny picture of some rabbits.

"Smaller?! If anything Pudsy's butt looks bigger than it did this morning!"

He Ain't A Heavy... She Is

"That's him Magda, HE'S the one wot ate all your carrots! Seriously, I dun nuffin' I didn't! You go get him, you sort him out!"

Thursday 14 February 2013

Club House Blues

"Our club is indeed open to new members, but I am afraid you sir are a big, fat, round peg and this is a small square hole. Good-day."

Wednesday 13 February 2013

52 Snack Pickup

"In life, there are those who are clumsy that drop and those who are tidy that pick up. Your part in the wondrous cycle is now done."

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Preparation, Preparation, Sleepytime

There are a number of important steps to take in preparation for a good afternoon nap:

1. Find the perfect spot. Not too shady, not too sunny.
2. Retract ears and feets.
3. Glare indignantly at any nearby humans until they take the hint and scuttle away.
4. Close eyes.

"You are correct. Now see if you can figure out which step I am at."

Monday 11 February 2013

Video Thrilled the Bunny Film Stars

Well, our YouTube invasion has finally started. Last week Caroline embraced the joys of video and we now have our first recordings up! If you haven't subscribed already, go check out our YouTube channel.

Of course, now the first few are up, ALL the bunnies want in on the act. They're doing all sorts of tricks trying to get themselves cast in the next video.

"Look! We're balancing on a board! Quick, get the video camera!!!"

Sunday 10 February 2013

Timmy Cash

Yesterday I was on my way to the Rescue and stopped at the shops to buy breakfast (for 100+ bunnies). To my surprise, the cash machine kept throwing out my bank card exclaiming "Service temporarily unavailable". In the shop the machine at the till was similarly unimpressed with my card, so while I was able to find just enough cash in my pockets to buy some basic veg, I was unable to purchase the usual selection of delectable herby treats. What's more, I couldn't re-fuel the car or stock up on bunny essentials on the way home after the Rescue.

This morning, distracted by thoughts of my bank card problems, I tripped head first over Jemima's stair-gate and banged up my foot. Faced with a car with an empty tank and a house of hungry bunnies, I walked (well, limped) into town and tried my card in the machine at my own bank, but the message was the same as yesterday. With no food for myself at home and starting to wonder how I was going to get through the next few days, I did the only thing a bunny parent could do in such a situation - I took the last of my cash, scraped together from loose change I'd found around the house, and spent the lot on a large bag of Whisky and Jemima's favourite Timothy hay.

So after I hobbled back home, my foot having swelled beyond the size of my boot, I decided today is not a good day and it's probably best to spend the rest of it on the sofa. From where I noticed, on a table on other side of the lounge, the new card the bank had sent me to replace the expired one in my wallet. D'oh.

"Stop moaning, it's not that bad - you said you DID get my Timothy hay, right?"

Saturday 9 February 2013

Godzilla Vs Mega-Chomposauras

Oh dear. I don't rate Godzilla's chances of saving Tokyo this time round. Mega-Chomposaurus is moving in to attack and has a serious weight advantage.

"Run away! I mean....GROAAARRR!"

Friday 8 February 2013

Cross Country

"You think, because you gave it to me, I'm gonna trust you near my broccoli? Think again my friend, think again."

Thursday 7 February 2013

Carrot Kisses

"Today's breakfast was so tasty I could almost kiss you! Ah, what the heck."

"Come 'ere!", that's OK Mr Carrot Chops, glad you liked it and all but, um...I'll just be, err...over here somewhere out the way.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Bunty Hunter

"Grrr...stupid annoying little person with grabby hands. I'm going to hide in here and hope he leaves me alone. I wonder where he went?"

"Oh, you're there. Haven't you got a Rescue to help run?"

Tuesday 5 February 2013

L'Art Bunveau

Le lapin incroyable, surveiller.

NB1 - If you are in the UK and follow our Facebook page, this is one of the babies from last weeks cover photo.

NB2 - Yes, I know, I'm sorry, but in my defence I've not been in a French class since the eighties. And all art is subjective. So there.

Monday 4 February 2013

Try Looking Down

"You don't smell half as bad as usual - is that 'Eau de Carrot' scent you're wearing?"

Sunday 3 February 2013

Tiny Tree Takedown

"Sometimes I just eat my parsley. Other times I like to pretend I'm a giant monster devouring trees."


NOTE: Dennis is a former resident of the Rescue who has found his forever home as a pampered house bunny. Rafa and Dennis have been holidaying at the Rescue this week while Mum and Dad were away - the bunnies asked to appear on the blog this morning to welcome them back!

Saturday 2 February 2013

Late Riser

"Oh great. I'm 2 minutes late for breakfast and there's already a queue for the buffet."

Friday 1 February 2013

Floof-On-Face Fallout

"You know, maybe I do like you after all, I just...wait. Hang on."

"OK, that's it. Your strange personality I can take. Your messy long fur on my beautiful velvet face I cannot. I'm done here."