Tuesday 19 February 2013

Lara Soft

My thoughts drift in and out of focus, along with the walls. Sometimes it's like there are no walls and the world stretches out all around me for thousands of miles. And yet I can almost touch ALL of it. Is this reality? Am I dreaming? Probably - one day into my new caffeine-free regime and I'm already finding myself being woken from unplanned naps by little furry head-butts.

"You need to get up. The carrot truck is here and they won't take my paw-print as a signature."


  1. WHYYYYY would anyone give up caffeine? Aside from Jesus, free will, manna, and cake, it is a great gift from God, his chemical kiss of life if I daresay!!!

    I trust you, Lara, but if you sign for the carrots, they would GONE, BABY GONE...

  2. Hehehe humans have trust issues Lara

  3. You deserve extra carrots, Lara, just for being so cute.

  4. Aw hell. Give him the credit card and go back to sleep.