Wednesday 27 February 2013


The difficult part about returning foster babies to the Rescue is the waiting. If you don't give them back they'll never find forever homes of course, but you know there will be that time before someone and somebun choose them where their lives aren't going to be as good as they were at your home. Less space, less attention, just waiting. It's particularly frustrating when you can see a really special soul like Ponyo being overlooked, a bunny with such a strong personality just yearning to have space, companionship and a family to love her.

Well happily, that wait could be nearly over. Firstly, we have gotten much better at showing her off recently - the key is putting Ponyo in a big space where she can see lots of other rabbits so that massive personality comes bounding out of that tiny body! Secondly, she has now been chosen as first choice to try with someone's little boy! So hopefully the only sad thought I'll have when I see her at the Rescue will be that there's a chance it will be the last, but in that I can also be happy.

"It's great that you've lined me up with a date, but do we really need a chaperone? Cos if there's music and you start doing your 'Dad Dancing' I shall not be impressed."